Remodeling & Construction Services in Louisville, KY

Artisan Construction is a concrete and construction company. Our goal is to provide quality workmanship and reliability to our customers in the Kentuckiana area.

Let us be your partner for your next home improvement project! Our team is skilled in general construction contracting and our expert craftsmanship has allowed us to gain a reputation for quality.

Artisan Construction provides trustworthy services for all remodeling and construction needs in Louisville, KY. Whether it is a standard remodeling project or a more custom construction job, you can rely on Artisan Construction to provide an experienced team with expert skills. Customers are our top priority and we aim to turn your dreams into reality by emphasizing detail and perfection.

Our team of remodeling experts know how to prioritize aesthetics and functionality while also staying within budget and meeting deadlines. We understand our clients have busy lifestyles and value their privacy. That is why you can schedule your appointments with flexibility and know that our team works with the utmost respect toward the home and family. We ensure clean-up at the end of each day and do the best we can to avoid disturbing the home environment.

Remodeling and Construction Services in Louisville, KY

Artisan Construction offers complete home remodeling and construction services and we personally manage each job. You can rest assured knowing that we are readily available for consultation and guidance throughout the project. You can also get assistance with designs and development plans. The Artisan Construction team combines our expertise with your expectations and works with you step-by-step throughout the project. Our team will help make your vision a reality and completely transform your home.

The wide range of outdoor and indoor construction services provided by Artisan Construction include:

  • Indoor remodeling
  • Outdoor remodeling
  • New garage construction
  • Pole barn construction
  • Patio installation
  • Screened porch installation
  • Home improvements
  • Room additions

Outdoor Remodeling and Construction Services

Artisan Construction excels in providing a number of outdoor remodeling and construction services. Outdoor remodeling services in Louisville, KY provided by Artisan Construction include the construction or installation of garages, covered patios, screened porches, outdoor entertaining areas, pole barns and much more. Outdoor remodeling often seems like a tough decision, especially if you have not done any renovations before, but you can rest assured that working with Artisan Construction will be hassle-free and will be an investment into your home’s curb appeal. You can protect your home from unwanted damages, raise your home’s value and add valuable outdoor spaces to use for various purposes.

Garage Construction

Artisan Construction has the experience to help build a new garage that is just right for you. We provide quality construction services, free consultations and a warranty for garage construction. We have a team that you can trust for garage construction, whether it is a two-story garage or a shed with storage. We specialize in building both attached and detached garages. Customers have various ideas when it comes to the style of the garage they want to build. Our team will design the garage and establish proper floor plans before working toward the desired result you envision. Our team does quality assurance checks through the process to ensure that the garage meets all your personal preferences and fulfills the needs of your home.

Patio Installation

A nice, well done patio is the perfect place to spend time outdoors and enjoy the company of friends and family on a pleasant day. You can entertain and enjoy your beautiful surroundings much better by consulting our professional team. We can help remodel an existing patio or install a new covered patio.

Whether you use it for barbecuing or simply spending time with a book, a patio is a space everyone in your home will cherish. Having a covered outdoor space will add additional value to your home in a cost-effective way. It can also use aid with climate control because you don’t have to use blinds to keep the interior temperature cool. With premium products and expert installations performed by certified professionals, your family will surely love the end results.

Screened Porch Installation

An enclosed screened porch can add usable living space to a home without costing a fortune and also provides shelter from insects and outdoor elements. To get a screened porch installed without any hassle, contact Artisan Construction.

Our team of professionals provides personalized services to install a screened porch suitable for our client’s needs and requirements. While working with our home improvement experts, clients appreciate the knowledge that Artisan Construction will install a screened porch made from the most durable materials. We can fully customize designs and layouts as needed. You can also rest assured knowing that your screened porches will not require high maintenance.

Pole Barn Construction

Pole barns are convenient and affordable. They are an excellent investment for a garage, warehouse or workspace. Built to stand the test of time and fulfill your needs, these pole barns are constructed around what needs to be accomplished. Artisan Construction specializes in building many types of pole barns for various uses.

You can use your pole barn to store farm equipment, tools and outdoor supplies, provide shelter for your horses, use it as a greenhouse or simply have a hobby space for yourself. You can contact us for expert consultation when looking for a free quote for a pole barn construction project.

Interior Remodeling and Construction Services

When people run out of living space, they may need an extra bedroom, a larger kitchen or maybe a bigger family room to entertain. Adding a new room or renovating your home can be a demanding task. Artisan Construction is a company that has earned the trust of our clients by making it easy to complete all types of complicated home improvement projects without any hassle.

We have a professional and experienced team of experts who not only help build and finish the new project but also guide you step by step through the process and manage everything internally. We focus on achieving exceptional results and pay close attention to detail. Our team does not compromise on design, functionality, quality or proper installation and only uses high-quality products.

Bathroom Remodeling

Artisan Construction offers a wide range of designs for bathroom renovation. Whether it is a quick upgrade or a complete renovation, we have the skills and expertise to give you the bathroom of your dreams. We offer efficient tub or shower installation that includes tub/shower, wall and faucet replacement. We can also replace the toilet, floor, sink, counter, window frames and wall panels. We are skilled in replacing tile flooring, upgrading the bathroom vanity and installing new light fixtures to enhance your bathroom’s value and appeal completely.

No matter the size of bathroom remodels, it is essential to hire a company that puts your needs first without compromising the quality of the build. This is precisely what Artisan Construction offers. From perfect shower installation to choosing the right light fixtures, our team is ready to provide you with insightful and transparent consultation for a remodeling experience like no other.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s the place where your family meals are cooked each day and where your children make memories during gatherings and holidays. From baking birthday cakes to midnight snacks, all activities are celebrated in the kitchen. When considering a kitchen remodeling project, trust the consultation of Artisan Construction professionals for your remodeling needs. Whether it’s a simple sink upgrade or a complete renovation, our licensed team will ensure that the whole process is flawless from conception to completion.

From the latest appliances to stylish decor, the options for a kitchen remodel are seemingly endless. You can change the appearance of your kitchen by updating flooring, installing the latest styles of cabinets and contrasting countertops. Additionally, you can also enhance the whole look by adding a spectacular backsplash and updating worn-out fixtures. Our team can help choose the newest technology in the market and design the kitchen’s aesthetic to match your personal style. Our licensed team will provide you with updates about each development throughout 

the remodeling process to make sure the kitchen is renovated precisely how it was dreamed to be.

Bedroom with laminate flooringNew Floor Installation

A new floor can immediately transform the 

dreary look of any house to bright and cozy. It adds value to the place and enhances its look. Artisan 

Construction provides a complete solution for floor installations and repairs for various kinds of flooring. We ensure that all our team members are highly skilled and licensed.

Getting a new floor installed by our experienced team will save the hassle of dealing with later costly repairs that might result from DIYs, as each surface requires different treatment and substrates. You can save time and money by trusting Artisan Construction with the installation. We also ensure that the floor is durable and lasts for a long time.

Room Additions

Artisan Construction professionals know how important it is to have the addition of a new space that meets the needs and preferences of each family member. The experienced professionals of our team will carefully assess the whole space and present the most effective plan for adding a room. Not only will this increase the liveable area in your house, but it would also achieve an inviting look that will welcome your friends and family. So whether the plan is to add a new bespoke kitchen, full master bedroom, new bathroom or any other type of room, we can help turn your unique vision into a beautiful, modern and highly functional reality.

Reliable Remodeling and Construction Services in Louisville, KY

When you face the question of choosing reliable and trustworthy contractors for your remodeling and construction needs, you need someone who understands your ideas and turns them into reality. Hiring the dependable team from Artisan Construction has many benefits. Our team will remodel any home and execute your dream projects flawlessly. We are punctual and work with complete transparency. We maintain a safe environment during work hours to ensure the home’s comfort is not disturbed. Our team is thoroughly trained and licensed with 12+ years of experience. We also ensure years of durability and provide a warranty for our materials and services.

Artisan Construction can handle all sorts of projects from simple bathroom remodeling to garage constructions. We provide excellent customer services, exceptional work and top-quality results regardless of the complexity of the job.

Benefits of Working With Artisan Construction

Finding a professional and honest construction company in Louisville and nearby areas is a job in itself. In such situations, Artisan Construction comes to the rescue. We are a locally owned and operated concrete and construction company in Louisville, KY. We have created a name among homeowners for our durable installations and construction services. This is why people trust us again and again for their home renovation projects.

Here are some benefits of working with Artisan Construction in Louisville, KY:

  • We offer budget-friendly services to all customers. There is no compromise on the quality of material or services no matter how big or small a project is.
  • Our team is highly experienced and has been working in the construction industry for a long time. We only hire highly skilled workers to maintain professionality.
  • No matter how tight the schedule is, you will always receive on-time delivery of the projects.
  • Artisan Construction believes in 100% customer satisfaction. Our team of experts makes sure that each customer gets highly professional services.
  • Our company is fully licensed and insured so you don’t have to worry. The company has developed a positive and trustworthy reputation over the years with our customers.
  • Our team is qualified and equipped for all sorts of construction, remodeling and installation projects. Artisan Construction is a one-stop shop for each customer’s every need so you don’t have to worry about hiring multiple contractors to complete your projects.

With Artisan Construction, you can also benefit from free estimates for your projects. A simple call is all that is needed to book a home consultation and get a full estimate before hiring the team. You can hire us for large-scale projects too and never have to worry as we deliver unparalleled standards. Our dedication is unmatched and we ensure customer satisfaction from the start to the end of each project. We have completed over 547 residential projects within a period of 12 years. We have also worked on 77 commercial projects in the last 12 years. With more than 600 happy customers who have given positive reviews on the website, Artisan Construction is each home’s remodeling and construction solution.